This Beggar in Gujarat Just Spent All His Money on Buying Gold Earrings for Poor Girls


Sixty eight-year-old Khimjibhai Prajapati is an icon in Mehsana. For years, this beggar has been donating books and uniforms to the young girls of the Magpara School. Yesterday, however, he shocked everyone with his generosity. He walked into the school on his crutches, and brought out 10 small jewellery boxes to give to each of the 10 girls at the school.


Each jewellery box contained gold earrings for the girls, all of which were purchased with the money he got from begging outside temples in Mehsana. “We never even dreamt of getting gold,” Kumud Luhariya, who is the mother of a three-year-old, told The Times of India .

Prajapati has been donating to the school for years to support female education. He says, “Girls need to be encouraged to study. They must become self-reliant and stand on their feet. The situation in Mehsana is not good. There are very less girls compared to boys and this is the reason why I try to encourage them with such incentives.”

Deepak Shah, the jeweller who sold Prajapati the earrings, said, “These were small earrings, slightly bigger than a nose stud. The total cost came up to INR 13,000. But, after I found that Khimjibhai wanted to present the earrings to poor girls, I decided to give him a discount of INR 3,000.”

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