Meet C.Pallavi Rao Narvekar, An EX RJ who fought cancer with a Braveheart

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What happens when suddenly one day your happy life takes a huge turn? What happens when you have to simply give up on things that are most cherished and lovable to you since your childhood? You start blaming life right? But there are very few people like C. Pallavi Rao Narvekar who live life on the belief that if Life gives you lemons,make a lemonade.

It is indeed a matter of great prestige and honour to pen down a story of someone who is not only a fighter, a talented individual, an EX RJ, wife of a Start up Guru “Rahul Narvekar” but also a great human being who has zest to live life in its full swing no matter how it will treat her.

A true inspiration and a wonderful person, C Pallavi Rao Narvekar’s story is an eye opener for all those who blame life for every small petty issue.

The Story
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Born and Brought up in the capital city of Delhi and studied in one of the prestigious institutions of the city, Air Force Bal Bharti School, C. Pallavi was an average student in studies but had a great flair towards dance.

She had a great fascination towards Radio since childhood as she says, “I used to listen to the radio with my father as a kid. Fascinated with the idea of capturing the attention of listeners with just the power of your voice was so overwhelming that by age 11, I knew I had to be inside that black transistor one day!

With a lot of coaxing and cajoling my father eventually offered to take me to AIR, Parliament Street. My father was a senior and much respected sports journalist in the 80’s and 90’s. He retired as the sports editor of the Hindustan times. He used to do sports update, a weekly sports magazine on Radio and I would be after him, requesting him to give me a chance to read his script on air one day”.

Pallavi did became successful in bagging career opportunity at Radio and had a successful career in it. During the years she became an English Radio Jock with Times FM first and then joined AIR FM as a Hindi radio jock.

C. Pallavi’s Marriage

pallavi Rahul
During the year 1999-2002 C.Pallavi happened to meet the love of her life Rahul Narvekar , The Startup Guru, on the matrimonial site who happened to live in Mumbai then. She quotes, “Since I did not like Mumbai as a city-too fast paced from Delhi standards-I had my apprehensions of moving bag and baggage. I somehow convinced him to try Delhi for a year. And he agreed. Just like that. Love surely makes you do silly things. Heee… it’s been 16 years since. We did not shift to Mumbai! And he still complains!!! Hyuk!”

The Celebrity ERA

As 2002 was the year when the private radio came into being and C. Pallavi became the Prime Time Radio Jock for Radio Mirchi. She started hosting the evening drive time show called ‘Bumper to Bumper’. The show and the frequency got such great popularity that she became a mini local celebrity.

The Twist in the Tale

In the year 2005, C. Pallavi gave birth to a handsome baby boy, Rian Rao Narvekar. While the new parents and the family members were celebrating the birth of the new happiness in their life came the big shock and twist.

Suddenly, one day C. Pallavi while feeding the baby at night felt breathless. She described, “that night, I had a sinking sensation because of the inability to fill my lungs with Oxygen. We went to the Emergency of Moolchand Hospital where I had recently delivered our yet to be christened baby boy. The Oximeter showed lovely levels of near 100 and we were sent packing home.

But 15 days later the story was different C. Pallavi while playing with the little one felt a falter in her speech and as she went to the washroom she felt a slur in her tongue. She told that , “The next morning I was in for a rude shock. As I started to brush my teeth, I could not spit the froth out. It went splashing all over the wash basin and my cheeks felt lifeless. I had to put my fingers inside my mouth to get the froth out. I thought I would choke.”

As she went to the Gynecologist who later referred her to the neurologist she encountered with the worst of the ailments “Myasthenia Gravis”- chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disorder that is characterized by fluctuating weakness of the voluntary muscle groups.

The Struggle and Fight Within Starts

her struggle

The steroids suggested by the doctors were not working. The doctor suggested for Thymectomy, removal of Thymus Gland which involved cutting the sternum. That surgery done, Thymoma was discovered and C. Pallavi was referred for Chemotherapies and radiation that pulled her down completely.

“What however, came as a rude shock was that post my surgery too I was unable to speak clearly. The slur was gone but the voice was feeble. No one could hear me. I had to keep a bell next to my bed to call for help. Apparently, one of my vocal cords got paralyzed on the operation table during the surgery. Luckily, we have two.”told C. Pallavi.

After few months she was detected with Thymoma tumour behind her left lung and another major surgery was conducted removing 5 tumours.

“Life changed drastically. I was suddenly prone to all types of infections all the time. If I went barefoot on the floor for as much as less than a minute I would catch a cold that would take 20 days to get fine. Pneumonia and lung infections became so common in my life that ventilator now seemed a friend and the ICU second home.” As told by C.Pallavi

Since then C. Pallavi has suffered with a lot of problems of lung failure, hot spots and recently developed Cataract but her spirit to live life fully never ever let her regret life.

Her Support System

c pallavi Rao Support
The Family that paddles together stays together. For C. Pallavi her biggest support system was her husband and his optimistic approach towards life. Her family members, her brother. She also thanked all her family friends, friends from her son’s school, friends who were always there and her colleagues and staff at Radio Mirchi where she is currently the CSR Head.

“In my entire struggle over 11 years, the office has stood by me rock solid. Not questioning my absence and absolutely fine with me working from home. Thanks to technology and now the nature of my work where I do not have to work in the studio hands-on, working from home has been a boon.”

Her Book-ICU Love Stories

ICU Love Stories LAunch

Recently she has written a book ICU Love Stories and tried to bring the warmth of love, compassion and peace within relationships during the most hard times of life in ICU. Click here to buy the book

C. Pallavi Rao’s message to the fellow companions of Myasthenia Gravis

To cope and continue a life full of zest, acceptance is by far the 1st step. I took a while at that. I kept fighting the issue and the disease for long and it did not help. The day I accepted, that I have a health condition that would mean altering my lifestyle, I seemed far more sorted.

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