“Cold Feet No More” is helping the poor people shield from cold

Cold feet delhi

Winters in Delhi are not only marked by the spatial extent of the fog enveloping Delhi but also by homeless people witnessed shivering on both sides of the road. Keeping the fact in mind, Arun Shah, Manu Singh and Taman Sahni thought of a campaign “Cold Feet, No More” to sensitise the people around to donate at least 3 pairs of socks each and a cap to the homeless people to help them survive the extremities of cold.

The three initiators of this campaign have been working for the society for a very long time. Arun Shah is a Social Development Professional with an experience of over 25 years. Manu Singh is an alumnus of Delhi School Of Social Work with a lot of experience in Rural Development while Taman Sahni is a copy writer and an advertising man with an expertise in social media.

Launched in the middle of December 2015, the response has been quite good with a large number of people responding in terms of “Likes” on Facebook page. Through their page, they aim at persuading  the Delhiites to make a simple and inexpensive gesture around them that will allow the economically deprived to survive the brutal cold and inspire others to do something similar.

“After surveys and recording people’s personal experiences, we found that during winters, a large number of voluntary organisations as well as individuals collect and distribute blankets and woollens with the result that while a large number of poor end up getting multiple pieces, there were hardly any people who would distribute socks and caps. These are among the most needed items for the poor yet among the least donated” said Arun Shah, Founder of Cold Feet No More.

The campaign doesn’t run on funds. They do not have a bank account. When asked about how this can pose a challenge, Arun Shah answered,”We have decided to work without external financial support and infrastructure-a voluntary effort in the truest sense.The biggest challenge we face is that since the real winter lasts for less than six weeks the campaign cannot go on indefinitely and we need to reach out to a large number of people within a period of thirty days.”

They hope to touch the lives of hundreds of people across North India by the end of the campaign. Their future plans intend at taking up similar issues and bringing about a paradigm shift in the mindset of the people.

Find them on facebook: Cold Feet No More

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