Delhi witnessed its First Bike Pride amidst rains and wheels with a strong message of LGBTQ equality

Amidst the heavy showers of rain and cloud thundering on Sunday, the youth in the capital city of Delhi along with the LGBTQIA community came out on roads for the First Bike Pride of the city and of the country.  02-July is recognized as a significant date for LGBTQIA community as the High court of Delhi read down section 377 in 2009. This decision was further reversed by the Supreme Court in 2013 but still – the date of 02-July is remembered as the day of victory.

To celebrate this day, SCRUFF & Those In Need came together to organize the First ever Delhi Bike Pride. While it poured heavily, the participants still stepped out of their homes during the early hours of the morning and became a part of it with enthusiasm. The ride began while the participants were drenched completely. This also signified the spirit of the struggle and how this struggle for equality just cannot stop – no matter what obstacles are in between. The road was full of rainbow colors with smiling faces – riding for equality.

A number of organizations came in support of the event and joined for the March. It was beautiful to see how the allies joined the ride. While many of the allies – both men and women – were riding, a number of community members became the pillion members – signifying how the support of the allies to the community to take the movement ahead.

The march started from Lakshman Dhaba near IIFT where Harsh Agarwal, Yashwinder Singh and Gautam Yadav explained further the importance of this date and where does the community stand right now – from both legal and social perspective.

The march ended at Hauz Khas Village where the participants marched in circles and flew rainbow balloons in the sky while some of them stood with posters and banners with messages of equality, diversity and to end hate for the LGBTQIA community – all while it rained heavily.

SCRUFF Founder and CEO, Eric Silverberg said,

“On behalf of SCRUFF, I’d like to thank all participants that joined the First Delhi Bike Pride as we commemorated a day of victory for the LGBTQIA community when Section 377 IPC was read down on July 2, 2009. Although the Supreme Court of India reversed that decision in 2013, this day continues to serve as a reminder that our community’s rights are worth fighting for, and SCRUFF supports initiatives that aim to advance equal LGBTQIA rights in India.” –

Abhishek Saini, Co-founder of Those In Need said,

“We are happy and thankful that the participants from the community and the allies came out while it rained heavily. The determination of the participants is worth to applaud for and that was something that made this landmark event possible. Hoping for more such collaborations between the LGBTQIA community and the allies for the struggle of equality to take a step ahead.”

The participants were happy and excited to be a part of this Bike Pride. One of the participants who identifies as gay said, “It is good to see such new events coming up to raise our voice against the inequality, discrimination and bullying that we have to live with. Hope that this sends a strong message in the society that the LGBTQIA community exists and demands its rights.”

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