Do you know: How the legend of Dulla Bhattiwala gives a glimpse of how a true man should prevent woman abuse

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Finally the whole North India is ready to celebrate the most awaited Lohri festival with lot of carousing, zeal and enthusiasm. The legend of Dulla Bhattiwala always has a prominent place during the festival, but how many of us really know about the hidden meaning of helping the society behind the legend.

According to the story Dulla Bhattiwala was known as the Robinhood of Punjab and helped the society at large. Here are few glimpses of the legend that shows how the festival should be celebrated with extending help to those who are in need.

1. He fed poor people

Being the saviour of the poor Dulla Bhattiwala was known to steal money from the rich aristocrats to buy food for the poor people. Though we should not steal anyone but always contribute our little bit towards the society for those who are in need.

2. He was the Saviour Of Punjabi Girls

He was a true man who saves the Punjabi girls from the shackles of the patriarchs by paying their dowries and get them married to prospective grooms. In the modern scenario girls and womenfolk is facing a lot of problems related to domestic violence, rape, molestation and eve teasing and the men should also raise their voice against such crimes. He also saved the girls who were sent as slaves in the Middle East markets.

3. He married two women slaves to free them

The festival of Lohri cannot be completed without remembering the heroic deeds of Dulla Bhattiwala. His name though was kept in the periphery was always an important part of Punjabi folklore and culture.

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Latika Wadhwa

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