Exotic Cakes Sponsoring Cake For #IamProudtoHaveaDaughter

Exotic Cakes & Desserts Sponsoring Cake For #IamProudtoHaveaDaughter . Started in 2005 by Radheika Mittal , Exotic cakes and desserts experts in delivering customized designer cakes and yumlicious puddings believed in the excellence of girl power. In order to support and promote girl child they are sponsoring MaStyle Care a Chocolate truffle cake for the campaign “I am proud to have a daughter”.

This cake will be specially cut by the daughters of laborers who build apartments. Girls are a beautiful gifts given by daughters and to celebrate it the owner of Exotic cakes is preparing a special cake according to theme of celebration of daughterhood. Being a daughter herself she is a proud figure for her parents and is excelling in her stream of career. The creativity and imagination within her mind could be very well seen in the kind of designer cakes that are produced by her organization. Every cake delivered through her is a masterpiece in itself and speaks the reliability, charm , sensibility and loyalty of its producer. MaStyle Care is thankful to get sponsored by Exotic Cakes and Desserts.

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