Meet this lady who is feeding more than 145 animals everyday


While pedigree dogs have always had owners who pet them and look after them, there are strays who are always ignored and left to live on the streets, says Amanpreet Walia a mother of two daughters working towards for stray dogs in the city of Mumbai.

Started working for the stray dogs in 2008, 43year old, Amanpreet is a person who is feeding and caring for the stray dogs without having any kind of financial support from anyone. More than 200 stray animals and birds including dogs, cows, pigeon and cats have been rescued by her. Currently she is  mothering  15 dogs and 10 cats who  stays in her home at naigaon. Amanpreet and her family even eats dinner surrounded by her animal kids, they all sleep with her on her bed. She treat them like her own kids. Her both daughters argues sometimes that  you love them more than to us.

Recently  this year people in her colony complained to the society to throw out the animals and their owners. Due to restrictions of people she had to shift her flat 2-3 times in an year.

It all began on 10th of October, 2007 when her elder daughter Namrata gifted Dodo to her  on her anniversary. Within an  year after Dodo becoming the  part of their family, Amarpreet got very attached to Dodo and decided to help street animals. She started working for them with her husband Satpal Singh and with her  little daughter Harsimran’s support. Every day her husband Mr. Satpal Singh after finishing his office work goes to  feeding of 120 stray animals in evening. Harsimran has taken a medical training by local animal doctors and whenever she found any injured, abandoned and abused animals then she bring them at home and provide them on  spot treatment with medical care, says Amanpreet. Her monthly expenses for animals  is around  Rs 40,000-Rs 45,000 per month including shelter rent, feeding and medical treatment.

Amanpreet gets sentimental when  asked how she is  managing the  funds, she said  “we’re not having any financial support. Though since  last year Karuna trust founder Mr. kantibhai and Mitesh Rathod have been supporting her for food  and for medical treatment Mr. Baldev Krishna Sharma is  helping them but as for the financials she had to manage on her own.

Her dream is to establish a home for animals, where they all will live without any fear and to make a perfect hospital for street animals & birds and want to start a sterilization project to reduce the city’s street dog population. But for this she needs support from people. Blessed to have each other – a decade of love and friendship, says Amanpreet.

You can help these poor dogs and cats either with money donations or other items like a bag of biscuits, Dog food, Medical Supplies and you can adopt also.

To Support Mrs Amanpreet Walia and her family: 7276287976

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