Since last 4 months this duo is planting trees everyday to make Mumbai pollution free

George calvin khar

George and Calvin residing in Khar are the proud eco residents of Aamchi – Mumbai.  George was a part of Advertising Company before taking up this initiative and Calvin is currently a, 12th standard student. It’s  just 120 days since these guys have started planting trees and have planted more than  100 saplings already. The dyad takes out an hour or two every day to make Bombay greener.

George had realised, it’s high time to focus on ameliorating environment. He has seen his asthmatic mother feeling so tireless due to pollution and what came as a shock to him was a family friend’s mother  suffering from lung cancer and how difficult it was for her to gasp a good amount of oxygen.

According to him, ‘the particulate matter in air is inflating and it should be taken care before it’s too late, my area is so full of buildings under construction and the particulates make it hazardous for people to thrive in’.

They have come up with an organisation called ‘The Turning Tide’ with the aim of planting trees all over the city. The advent of planting seedlings in Khar and their Church rose from 14 in their courtyard to 17 in their complex, they have planted 5 Bamboo, 2 Chickoo’s, 3 Mulberry trees, 1 Guava and 1 Cashew in Bandra and SantaCruz. They have used 5 fruit saplings, few ornamental saplings at Carter Road and a few coconut saplings at Joggers Park. The 100 saplings that they have planted are alive and having a healthy growth.

He says ‘If people want to plant saplings in their locality we would plant them for free, and that we can help people set up compost bins and stop burning leaves which is harmful as it contain fine particulates that causes cancer and other respiratory disorders’.

raddi collection mumbai

No accomplishment comes easy, and these guys apprehend that better, than anyone of us. From collecting the plastic wastes thrown all-around, the old newspapers from their vicinity, card boards, boxes, huge directories and selling them to the Raddhi walas, is indeed challenging. This money helps them in buying new saplings plus the papers get recycled, they never push people to pay them for their papers/ plastics, they accept the little amount only if people willingly lend it.

Next challenge is the awful response of the people, who have chopped of plants, coz it obstructs their view and also, no one invests time into planting. The local authorities are not at all collaborative, perhaps they are chopping off more and more trees in the streets.  Also the trouble that he had faced is even after planting the seedlings some people don’t even bother to water them.

They have also made a compost bin to recycle organic waste but people wanted it taken off due to lack of knowledge. So they repositioned  the compost to one of their friend’s residential complex. George once had tried to recycle aluminium waste by collecting all the tins and cans around. They soon plan to register their organisation and enrol as many volunteers as they can, as they have no sufficient funds to carry out their attainment.

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Contact Details: George Remedios (+919820431690), Calvin Andrade (+919820095438);


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Priyanka Kore

Hailing from the city of Mumbai, Priyanka Kore believes every human being should contribute to the betterment of our society. She is an aspiring civil service student and have a great experience of teaching in the Ngo sector.