This man is bridging the gap between the minority and the government policies in Mumbai

Suman Jain Mumbai

There are many policies, procedures, undertakings, schemes and offers  that government is providing   to  the minority  class but they are simply not aware of it. Recognition was thoroughly required as thought by Suman Jain. He started working for the same.

He keeps an eye on any of the policies etc, the government has for these classes and helps them achieve it through training classes and seminars. He spreads awareness on government related business development programs as how one can do business under government rules and policies. Also conducts skilled programs. Skilled India Training Program is one of his works.

It all began when Suman Jain himself was  living in a chawl and  thought of taking loan for his own business and came to know about a lot of policies and schemes of the government. Then he thought that though the government is giving so much to the people but as they are unaware about it they cannot gain the benefits.

The greatest challenge he faced was to convince the people. It was a tedious task for him to persuade the masses but gradually he managed well. People reacted positively.

Suman Jain Mumbai seminar

This year almost 1500 children are able to fill the scholarship forms that government is providing for various classes. The scheme of helping the widows and self help groups to get the professional knowledge of computer training, beauty parlours etc have been implemented through his help. As government provides loan to the lower class Suman Jain helped them take loan of around 1 lakh under his consent and supervision.

He says, since aam aadmi cannot reach the government directly I am here to bridge the gap in any fruitful manner I can.

The government gives loan of 30 lakhs to the people of minority class who wants to achieve their goals in foreign land but they don’t know about this scheme therefore their dream remains a dream. Suman Jain has also helped in availing this benefit.

All the investments for the trainings, people of this class who wants to visit the government offices, the charges are incurred by Suman Jain on his own.

He also works for his living but doesn’t mix it with this social work. He earns his funds from his job. Suman Jain is not a part of government even he is a common man and does this work with his own intelligence and hard work. People look up for him in case of need.

  “It is very necessary to uplift the minority class and inform and educate them the policies of the Government as they are also deserving citizens of our country.” – Suman Jain 

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