How this 18 year old is working towards the cause of girl child and women sanitation

“Good habits take pains to build up. Start developing them at your youth and let your age define you”.

himanshu goenka

Himanshu Goenka was the youngest member of the production crew of Amole Gupte’s film Hawa Hawai, he was also adjudged as Mr Hinduja 2014 the biggest one he is the Founder and President of his NGO named as Muskurahat. His NGO Muskurahat has some unique stories which targets varied social issues specially the  teams work towards the cause for women through his NGO.

On his 17th Birthday, on 10th June 2014,  he laid the foundation of Muskurahat at the Narayanchandra Trust Ashram.  Initially started with just 10 members today  Muskurahat is a collective team of 200 members with diverse branches in Mumbai, Banglore, Mangalore and Gwalior. Currently  the organization is self-funded and a lot of volunteers contribute for the cause through their pocket money. Though a lot of volunteers are connected with him still the biggest challenge that the organization face is the lack of seriousness and enthusiasm in the youth towards the social causes.


The cause for Women upliftment began when Himanshu and his team visited one of the sheltered homes for the sexually harassed girls  in Mumbai named as Trinity Girls Orphanage at Andheri and celebrated friendship day by tying friendship bands to the little girls who had faced a lot of suffering and harassment. Due to bad circumstances they were afraid of the outside world. As Himanshu says his target was to make the young girls to be exposed with the outside world, and to remove the fear out of them they tied the band a form of giving them strength that the world is with them.

Currently Himanshu is planning a drive towards the cause for women sanitation. Himanshu was shocked when he got to know the conditions in which the women live during their menstrual cycle in a neighboring village where there are no shops that can supply sanitary napkins. In the upcoming event of Himanshu targets in conducting donation drives in Mumbai, through youth participation and the money collected would be utilized for supplying sanitary napkins to the tribal girls at the adjoining village at Nareshwadi Dahanu.

Just if 40 kilometers away from my residence if this is the scenario with sanitation what shall be the scenario all over the world”, Himanshu remarks. 

To connect with Himanshu and his causes  call at: 9158049925


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