Providing healthcare facilities to the poor humans of the society is the aim of this NGO


Human Care Foundation (HCF) is founded and run by Mr Jitender Chugh fondly known as JC among his friends and fellows. He is born and brought up by reciting the rhymes of ‘Shri Sukhmani Sahib’ and had inherited the service gesture from his parents. A government  employee by profession Mr Chugh says,” I am an optimistic person who sees positivity even in  negativity. I work with a never say die approach and feels tremendous zeal in working for the under privileged “.

He says that the work was started long ago but the mission was given name and shape in November 2014. HCF is a broad vision that stands to give its due support the underprivileged  in  today’s world where everyone has become more individual rather than a part of the society. Their prime objective is to provide assistance to the ailing poor by arranging free medication/treatment. Mr Chugh says,” At all the time we provide assistance of all the types to less fortunate people. You just think about a good or a noble work that needs to be accomplished, we will be glad to undertake it or must have worked over it.”

The organization has undertaken many philanthrophist tasks such as adoption of a mentally challenged girl and sponsoring the cost of her therapy and education, providing wheel chair to less fortunate disabled young college students. So far the organization has organised four blood donation camps.They have also held many health check camps for females and senior citizens. The organization keeps creating awareness among people for organ donation. It also distributed fine quality sticks among various blind girls and ladies.


Besides this, their volunteers serves their one hour daily in blind hostel to read out text book of blind students. They also arranged 100 pairs of neatly ironed clothes for winters to be distributed among less privileged, roadside dwellers. It is also serving milk and sweets among 300 slum and malnourished kids.Recently the HCF provided support system to the victims of Shakur Basti slum demolition drive.

Mr Chugh says the major challenge to them is funding and volunteering. He shares,”There are only 13 regular donors who contribute an aggregate sum of Rs 6000 on monthly basis and we also have to search for volunteers as when and activity or event is planned or proposed. He said,” sometimes it becomes difficult being an employed person and managing and running the activities of HCF”. He recalls that initially they were let down by the response of people but since they were committed they rose up to the occasion and have now started gaining the momentum and praises. He shares that they have 400+ likes on their facebook page within a year.

At the age of 40, he has a dream of better society where no ailing poor would suffer and every slum kid would be educated and will play a vital role in nation building. He aims to set up an absolutely free super speciality hospital exclusively for underprivileged besides this he wishes to set up a free dialysis unit. He also aims to set up a generic medical store so that every poor could get proper medication.

Team HCF cherish every moment spend among less fortunate kids and people. He says,”
Their happiness and a sense of feeling special, filled great enthusiasm within us and gave a great zeal of work “.

HCF is moving with a positive approach to serve the less fortunate. They are constantly striving hard to provide maximum assistance to underprivileged. The only obstacle to them is finance and volunteer.
He appeals everyone to come, join and support human care foundation.

Find them on facebook: Human Care Foundation

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Aastha Malkania

She is currently a student of Hindu College, university of Delhi. She believes that no act of kindness, no matter how small or big is wasted. Having a passion for writing she is currently bringing stories of change makers from the capital of India.