Through Lex Do it, Nishant is making the legal system easy for the common people

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Nishant Gambhir, a final year law student and a digital marketing professional, who has a passion to do something for the society. Being a law student, he is using his legal knowledge for helping the people, who need it. He is working towards this cause since, 2014.

Nishant said, “As a law student, I frequently visit  places during internships and pro-bono activities, where I came across people, who desperately need legal assistance, seeing these people as well as my friends and colleagues around, I realized, how vast the information gap amongst all sections in the society, Rich-Poor, Educated-Uneducated, when it came to legal rights.”

He helped and guided people unofficially for months but after a time span, he realized the potential of this information gap and decided to make things official. And, here he comes with his initiative,” LEX DO IT” in April, 2015.

Lex Do It is a social enterprise, which is purely non-profit based in Delhi. The core areas of work are, Legal Awareness and Education, Public Activism and Advocacy and Mental Health Assistance. Some of the key projects are, Know your Guardians, Know your Rights, Lex Guardians and Lex Insiders.

A team of more than 200 interns and volunteers is working on these projects. Besides this, they regularly conduct camps, campaigns for spreading awareness in areas, where people are not much aware about laws and policies.

According to Nishant, there have been a few challenges like, Funding, as the projects are resource intensive, so they need a lot of capital. Other than funding, taking permissions from the government for various projects also sometimes become problematic as it will take a lot of time.

Over the last year and half they have helped over a thousand people in some way or other. He received very good response from people. Be it friends, neighbors or any other person usually come to him for help. And after initiating Lex do it, he met a number of people come from different backgrounds like police man, government officials and people from judiciary. They have all supported him in every way.

While talking about the future plans, Nishant discussed that he is planning for publishing a journal for young  legal professionals in April, 2016, along with this his team is working on documentaries also. They will conduct an All India Conference by next year. And they are trying to expand their team.  But at the end of the day, his ultimate goal is impacting people’s lives and making them aware about their rights.

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Nisha Dagar

Nisha Dagar, is currently a student of Delhi University and is a writer with keen interest towards the society. Having worked with lot of social causes in the past she is bringing the stories of ChangeMakers from Delhi.