“I wanted to build something that can make the womenfolk in India financially independent : Latika Wadhwa

How many women post their marriage or motherhood actually step outside and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams? This thought kept lurking within me when I was about to get married- says Latika Wadhwa, Founder & CEO of Mompreneur Circle.

Being a women entrepreneur herself Latika understand the kind of challenges a woman face while starting a venture. As India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the womenfolk holds an important space owing to their growth potential. There are a lot of barriers that obstruct a women’s path to achieve her dreams and aspirations.

With this thought of providing the mothers and married women a platform to fulfill their dream of becoming financially independent Latika started Mompreneur Circle- an award winning platform of 5,00,000+ married women entrepreneursand mompreneurs across the country with a presence in more than 25 cities.

Started in 2017 the platform acts as a supportive framework to women entrepreneurs and mompreneurs for all kinds of tools and resources in terms of brand advertising, marketing of their products and services, workshops, business networking opportunities etc.

The venture which is Co-Founded with her husband also work on various issues that can hamper a women’s growth. In the age of digitization the platform on a parallel level support the women on issues related to their health, career, money, relationships, legal advises, kids etc.

Latika is a Post Graduate in English and Communication Studies and is a serial entrepreneur with a rich experience in Content and Digital Marketing. Before starting Mompreneur Circle she was running a startup that connects the social enterprises with the resources.

She talks about the fact that today the women is ready to start on her own but is still hesitant to take her venture to the next level. Therefore the platform is now working towards the grooming and mindset development workshops, mentorship programmes and curated events on various issues that can help a married women or a mother in business with the right kind of tools and resources to go beyond.

Recently the venture has also started a platform under its umbrella for Pregnant Mothers Support Group where 1,00,000+ womenfolk across the globe are connected and a help is getting extended to womenfolk not only in India but also across the globe.

Talking about Mompreneur Circle, Latika throws light on the fact that the womenfolk at the platform feels happy and connected. The bond of sisterhood that is among the members help them earn great referrals for their business and at the same time they get a sense of togetherness among the tribe.

A lot of success stories from the platform are there where women in business had earned lakhs of rupeees within few weeks while there were some mompreneurs who joined the platform as a women selling from home and within a year is now having her PVT ltd limited firm with a big team.

“Everyday there are so many appreciation stories and blessings from the members we recieve for helping them move beyond the shackles of a system and making them independent” says Latika.

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