Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan empowers 1000 differently abled children free of cost

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In a country which tends to ignore the special needs of the children, a charitable school like Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan in Noida is helping the society to accept the children who are differently abled and contributing to it by helping them carve out a beautiful future for them.

It is the brainchild of Late Sh. Gurdeep Singh Chadha(Popularly known as Ponty Chadha) in 1999 and was started with an objective of bringing the physically, mentally or intellectually challenged children at par with the rest of the world. It has come a long way to provide the kids a life worth living with respect, love and dignity. 

“The school not only provides rehabilitation to 1000 differently abled children free of cost, it also ensures a friendly and empathetic environment for a supportive approach towards moving ahead with life. We want to grow in experience, in strength and in our capacity to deliver a quality service for our students and their families.”said Vandana Sharma, Principal of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan.

Besides giving rehabilitation service to children with intellectual impairment, celebral palsy, autism, spectrum disorder, bearing impairment and multiple disabilities, the school makes the learning enjoyable for special ones and enables them to achieve the maximum independence with their limited abilities.

She also shares,” The institution operates on a  charitable basis and is among a very few rehabilitation centres for the kids with special needs. Wave group and Ponty Chadha Foundation support us in financial needs.”

The school has employed professionally trained dedicated faculty sensitive to the needs of the children and offers students plenty of scope for the kids to grow in terms of academics, communication, social skills and self care skills.

Most of the school teachers in the school are parents of differently-abled children and so care and being considerate comes automatically. Even the support staff on board understands every child’s needs and limitations and helps the child accordingly. Their tireless support and patient demeanor have together made the dream a reality. So many people have joined with us in our noble initiative and support keeps flowing in but we need more hands to support this cause and help for differently-abled children to make their own space in real world.

The faculty also develops customized individual training program for each child to address his individual needs..

Website: MBCN School

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