Mohammed Dilawar – The Man helping Sparrows to Survive

save sparrow - Mohammed Dilawar
There were flock of birds that use to come to my house everyday when I was 5 but after two years when my house was renovated with the modern techniques the bird is no more to be seen anywhere in my surroundings. I wonder where have they gone ? I crave for those chirpy voices that used to make a melodious sounds thus creating a beautiful symphony in my childhood. They have just become memories of the past , wish I could see them one day again !!!


The voice of this young child was finally heard by God and he sent a messiah in the form of Mohammed Dilawar, an environmentalist from Nashik to safeguard the endangered species of sparrows . Sparrows being a bird that is common to all of our childhood memories might have become just a name for the future generations to come as the winged creatures are soon going to be extinct.

Due to an increase in urbanization and people settling in the places that are fully protected and covered till the rooftops the little birds are finding difficult to build their nests . As more number of trees are being cut the natural habitation of these sparrows are also getting destroyed.

Mohammed journey of helping sparrows began in 208 when he being a lecturer just came across a report in which the extinct of sparrows was enlisted in U.K.  He perceiving India’s situation as the same was petrified .

In order to prevent sparrows Mohammad went to different places in the city to understand the nest making features of the sparrows. He then started Nature Forever Society that got registered in 2009 with an aim of creating conservation movement with the citizens of India.

Apart from this Mohammed had also started a campaign known as “Save our Sparrows” through which they have started selling a nest box made by them from recycled wood as being a bio conservationist by nature he don’t want to cut down trees for wood. He manufactured bird feeders as well as nest houses to create awareness among people. According to Mohammed this is the good measure to safeguard sparrows.

It is due to the efforts of this man that now World Sparrow Day have also started celebrating by people on 20 March. His dedicated work has already made place in Limca Book of Records , Times magazine , Amazing Indians of Times Now.

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