A mother’s community surprised 45 kids and their parents with a Secret Santa visit in Delhi/NCR

Christmas is all about spreading happiness, sharing warm smiles with loved ones and most importantly Santa gifting the kids. Though generally the parents hide the gifts at night in the kid’s stockings as a gift by Santa, this year the Delhi/NCR kids had a special moment when Secret Santa visited their homes with goodie bags and gave them a live experience of Santa.

The initiative “Christmas on Wheels with Secret Santa” visiting around 20 homes in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida was carried out by Mompreneur Circle– an award winning 82000+ community of married women and mothers wherein the Founders clad in the Santa dress, bell and goodie bags paid a surprise visit at 20 homes of their community members  and gave the most memorable time to around 40-45 kids.

The kids were all jolted with surprise and also welcomed the Santa with love. Some of them even gave Santa roses, gifts and also feed the Santa with Choclates, Pizzas, healthy bites turning the tummy of the Santa full. The smiles on the faces of the kids were beyond comparison which made the campaign  a huge success.

Not only the kids but the parents were also very happy and welcomed the Santa with great warmth. As per Shanjan Raj, a dentist by profession and a mother of a cute boy Adrik said that “You won’t believe my son is on call with every family member and telling them that Santa came to my house and I did nameste”

Similarly Prachi Chopra, Founder of INSIA-an online Western Fashion Jewellery Brand and a mother of two beautiful kids appreciated the campaign “What a beautiful memory you created for all kids.. truly touched by the gesture”. Her 4-year-old daughter Prisha immediately hugged the Santa and hold the Santa till the time the Santa was present.

Another mother Sushma Tiwari, Founder of Mirrors&Images welcomed the Santa with her entire staff members of salon and her son. She was overwhelmed with the gesture “Commendable EFFORT. I have seen it was not easy. Traveling all the way to different areas Personally. I m speechless. Delighted to be a part of Mompreneur Circle.”

Cute message received post Santa visit by little one. Checkout the video.

As per Latika Wadhwa– Founder of Mompreneur Circle “ The initiative was specially kept to made the little ones feel special and get a live experience of Santa Claus coming and gifting them their gifts.”

Next year Mompreneur Circle to carry out this initiative PAN India.  To get suprises on various occasions join Mompreneur Circle

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