Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace Is Officially The First Building In India To Get Trademarked

Mumbai’s famous Taj Mahal Palace, a treasure-trove of invaluable evocation, has been serving as a testament to its regal legacy and innumerable anecdotes.

Everyone who’s ever visited this dreamer’s land has never come back without their personal account of gazing the majestic building, that often looks ethereal.

And now, something to swell your chest with pride, the iconic Taj Mahal Palace has earned itself the title of ‘trademark’.

The 114-year-old building the first in the country to get such a registration.

What comes with the title?

The hotel has now joined the elite club of trademarked properties in the world which includes the Empire State Building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Sydney Opera House.

However, this is a first in India where a building has been given the title since the Trademark Act came into force in 1999. Usually, logos, brand names, a combination of colours, numerals and even sounds are trademarked.

What does this mean?

This means that nobody can now use the Taj Mahal’s image for commercial use, so that t-shirt that your own and or the photograph you have been aiming to sell, is illegal.

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For any commercial use, you will now have to pay the company a licensing fee.

“We have done this to protect the distinctiveness of the building,” said Rajendra Misra, general counsel of Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), which runs the Taj Mahal Palace.

Article originally published on India Times
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