Nilanjana Thaosen battled strongly with Crohn’s Disease to return back to her Successful Career Life


Ordinary yet Extraordinary is the story of this Assam Girl Nilanjana Thaosen who fought bravely  with her Crohn ‘s disease to lead a successful  life. Giving a defeat to the heartbreaking disease Nilanjana   shows how courageous Indian Women  are in the society.

Currently working   in a startup based in Gurgaon   Nilanjana talks with different kinds of people from different businesses understanding their recruitment challenges and demonstrating the solution that she as Sales Corporate Coach can provide.  But back in the year 2008 life was not as promising and satisfied for her like as it seems to be in the present situation.

She came to Delhi from Assam in the year 2003 as a freshly passed post graduate in Business Administration who was  ready to excel her career as a Subject Matter Expert in an IT company.  But life was not as beautiful as she thought it would be for her. Within a span of 5 years when her career graph was at the highest peak she started experiencing lethargy, frequent fever, unexplained weight loss and regular bout of upset stomach. But to the great surprise nothing came out in the series of tests  that swere conducted to found the reason of her illness. Due to poor health she had to quit her job and left her dream city of  Delhi for the cure to her hometown.

She started remaining sad and depressed due to her health and specially because she was missing her career.  Suddenly on the fateful night of 17 October in 2010 she experienced unbearable stomach pain and was admitted in ICU on the same night. On the diagnosis it was found out that she was suffering from an incurable autoimmune disease i.e Crohn’s disease.

She was also told to put her health before career and not stress herself. It was devastating for her. She started hating  life. She felt like her life didn’t belong to her anymore. She was financially dependent on family and ate what they cooked, wore clothes that they bought for her. She missed her friends,  her Barista,  her favorite spot at JNU campus where she spend nights watching the planes and the night sky, she missed her workplace,  she missed Delhi.

Finally she made up her mind that she would not lead a life of an ill and sympathetic patient and was resilient to come back to Delhi. She had  understood the value of life that no matter how many years we live, there is so much to do and experience in this world.  It was her own will to get freedom from her current plight, her courage to battle out her disease in order to lead a happy life and returned back to Delhi, a place she thought she will never return again due to her poor health.

In the month of March 2011 she told her family about her decision to follow her career and with their consent and friend’s help she came back to Delhi and joined a friend’s startup.

Today she is cultivating a life she actually enjoy living.

Having a job has given me the sense of security and I also ensure that there is no space for emotional baggage in my life. I take my own decision, is responsible for my own happiness though life choices. Once you know how to deal with your emotions and put them to perspective, everything will fall in place.”she says

According to her the womenfolk should  believe in having a career to establish their  self-worth and independence. All the women have passion in them but in order to achieve it they need to allow themselves to grow through education, career and financial independence.

We salute the courage of Nilanjana and wish her all the best for her life.

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Latika Wadhwa

Latika is the Founder & Chief Editor of MaStyle Care. An ace humanitarian and a storyteller at heart. Latika loves to bring the stories of Changemakers with an aim to spread awareness in the society.