Noida residents raise funds to vaccinate 200 stray dogs in their colony


Jalvayu Vihar residents are raising funds to pay for vaccinating stray dogs in Sector 21.

Residents estimate there are 200 stray dogs in the 20-hectare colony having 1200 flats.

“A dog died after biting three persons in our neighbourhood last week. 200 stray dogs roam in our locality,” said Nandini Diesh a lawyer and resident. “I tried to seek help from the Noida authority and its hired agency Society for Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (SPCA) for vaccination before others are attacked. We plan to raise funds after we lost hope of any help,” she said.

Diesh gathered support from fellow residents and got a person, bitten by the dog which died later, vaccinated to prevent rabies infection.

“We have so far collected Rs 11,000 from people who have voluntarily donated. But two doctors said we need Rs 50,000 to insert a micro chip, collar and vaccination,” said Diesh.

Children will sell used clothes to raise money. Residents are making cakes, organic sweets (Laddu), pillows, bookmarks and paintings for auction on September 28.

“We don’t want dogs should be thrown out or treated cruelly as they are also part of the family. If vaccinated and given dignity with collar properly no harm if they stay in our locality,” said Nina Bajaj, another resident. Residents have employed two Delhi dog experts for the job.

“We will not sterilise dogs as it costs too much. And if they are vaccinated we face no harm. We aim to insert a microchip on each dog to identify vaccinated ones. Micro chipping to be done on the lines of Tigers in national parks,” said Diesh.

SPCA, hired by the Noida authority for dog sterilisation and vaccination, said it doesn’t have sufficient staff to handle all stray dogs in Noida .

“We get R10 lakh a month from the Noida authority for managing stray animals and dogs including sterilisation. The authority should increase funds if it wants us to cover whole of Noida properly,” said Anuradha Dogra, member of SPCA management committee.

The Noida authority wanted to hire another agency to help.

“We are spending too much on dog sterilisation and vaccination. Therefore the authority put selection of a new agency on hold,” said Manmohan Mishra, financial controller of the Noida authority.

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