Ola boats are helping to evacuate people from the flooded areas in Chennai

ola boat chennai

In order to help the Chennai people stuck in the heavy floods  the leading taxi operators in the country Ola has come up with the concept of Ola boats that will help in rescue people in the waterlogged areas and help them reach to the safer places. Inorder to connect with the affected people Ola is seeking all the information from the Fire and Rescue department.

The Ola boats will be rowed by the trained professionals along with the fishermen through which they are also transferring food and safe drinking water free of cost to the affected people. The discussion that started on Twitter had actually turned out into reality when ola boats had started sending ferry to bring out the stranded people in the submerged areas of Chennai.

Currently the service is started for the next three days but if situation demanded then they might just extend it. The boats contain sufficient umbrellas, food and drinking water.

We appreciate the help that Ola has offered to the needy.

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