On Raksha Bandhan, Jharkhand Tribal Women Tie Rakhi To Trees & Pledge To Protect Them

In a bid to curb rampant tree felling, tribal women of Chakulia village, around 50 kilometers from Jharkhand’s steel city Jamshedpur, tied rakhi to Sal trees in a nearby forest.

The women gathered to protect and create awareness about the environment by tying Rakhis or a protective thread to save trees.

The women dressed in traditional tribal attire showered trees with water sang songs in tribal language and then tied rakhis. Janki Munda, who took part in th event told ANI, “People are mercilessly cutting down forest trees. We have to check this otherwise there will be no forests left.”

“The trees self-motto purify the air, provide woods for our kitchens. But we humans are aimlessly cutting down the trees. So on the occasion of Rakhi, we have taken the pledge to save our forests,” added Munda.

The event was organised by Jamuna Tuddu, also known as Tarzan Woman of India and founder member of Kolhan Van Sanrakshan.

News Source: India Times

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