Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri spreading love, happiness and healing through her seminars

Rangan Rupavi Chaudhari Vitality

Life is a precious gift given by God. It is filled with so many emotions and feelings that gives meaning to the existence of the human beings. But are we enjoying the true essence of life? Are we really happy to conduct our day to day activities ? Questions like these perturbed Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri who is on a mission to heal the people with utmost love and happiness that lies in the supreme Universe.

She travels throughout the world giving seminars in the field of health, wellness, coaching and spirituality. It all started in 2001 when Dr Choudhuri was diagnosed with serious illnesses(abnormal cells and a chronic hormonal condition) while she was in USA working for a global medical company. She was completely devastated but the spirit to out shadow the diseases made her discover an alternate therapy as a cure to her ailments.

“Specifically I used techniques to clear negative emotions, past experiences and to create a compelling future to set myself free and I healed completely.” says Dr Choudhuri.

This incident had a startling effect on her and she began her journey to heal people through transforming from the inside out. For the next 7 years she spent her days on learning different therapies like Emotional Freedom Technqiques, Coaching, The Journey, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy. Life was never a bed of roses for her. In the year 2009 she again faced a set back from life through meeting with the deadly accident and was prescribed to stay on bed. But Dr Choudhuri was a fierce fighter and through the help of alternate therapy recovered and left her highly paid job and now makes a difference to other through healing and coaching.

During the course of her recovery she had made up her mind that she will give the society the knowledge and access to these hidden therapies that can heal the world from various diseases like obesity, cancer, depression, cravings, fears etc . With this aim she started Vitality Living College which is a Health, Wellness, Spiritual and Personal Development learning organisation Through it Dr Choudhuri teach people how to empower themselves and create the lives they want. There are 3 steps to the process:

  1. Clean up the past experiences that may be holding someone back and feel free from within.
  2. Learn how to clear stress on a daily basis and become an open channel and instrument to serve society.
  3. Connect with the “Source of life” and make the future dream a reality now.

By conducting different energetic and impactful seminars in India and abroad she is able to help people heal in their health, relationships, lifestyle, money etc and was able to spread love and joy in the lives of these people.

Currently she is in Mumbai facilitating Breakthrough Coaching with NLP (Neuro-lingusitic Programming) and her next events will be a FREE Seminar in PUNE, The Journey Healing Program in Kuwait, Dubai and Singapore and then Coaching Program in Delhi. For the latest schedule please visit – http://vitalitylivingcollege.info/bookme/.

She believes that unconditional love exists everywhere and you can experience it in any moment. As a women she says “You need to take self-responsibility and realise you can create your own destiny. The past does not equal the future and you can change in any moment, starting now. Change your thinking to change your life, If you think you can, you will. Just prove that to yourself.”

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