Through RedPaws Rescue, she is helping stray dogs lead a good life

red paws rescue

A number of NGOs have committed themselves to provide a quality life to stray dogs and are working towards making their lives less miserable. Besides starvation and dehydration, they are also victims of human cruelty. Red Paws Rescue is one such endeavour of creating awareness about the plight of stray and abandoned dogs, place them in loving homes and providing proper medical care for them.

Started in 2010, the organisation is the vision of  Sandhwi Sondhi, who at the young age of 17 took the onus of doing something about the situation on herself when she first adopted stray puppies from outside her house. She has always been passionate about helping animals and is an avid animal rights activist. The organisation has been named after one of her own pets.

They have adopted approximately 200 puppies since 2010 and 150 dogs sterilised in the last one year which they feel is a milestone achievement for them. A number of events are organised by Red Paws Rescue from time to time to raise funds. Besides this, they also sell a lot of merchandise to raise money.

“Getting funds is a major challenge for us. Majority of the times, we are in dire need of funds to help the dogs at our supporting shelter to get their vaccination and sterilisation done on time.

Apart from this, we face a lot of problems with the people who don’t support our cause and hamper the functioning of the organisation.”said Sadhwi Sindhi

On being enquired about the future plans, she shared,”I wish to educate more and more people towards treating the animals correctly.They deserve to have a good life just as we do. Setting up a shelter of my own where stray animals can recover to get treatment is also a part of my bucket list”.

website: Red Paws Rescue

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