He started Shilp Sadhana that revived the traditional art and empowered the Tharu tribal women

Shilp Sadhana

Striving for livelihood promotion in rural and urban areas, 77 year old Indra Bhushan founded the NGO Shilp Sadhana in 1984. Earlier named as Textile Block Printers Association, the main objective of forming the society was to work for revival and welfare of Textile Hand Block Printing craft. Later on when artisans of other crafts started getting associated with the NGO, the name was changed to ‘Shilp Sadhana’ India with wider objectives and activities for uplifting women.

Keeping in mind that in India women face many social obstacles while stepping out of their home, the NGO envisioned to create jobs from their homes by teaching them creating handicrafts and empower them to earn their livelihoods in the long run with skill development. With this initiative, Shilp Sadhana has impacted about 1000 lives directly and more than 5000 people including their family members.

Shilp Sadhana Ngo

I approached the government to do something for the vulnerable section in villages, and formulated the NGO to do the ground level work along with the government as there were many schemes but no implementation at the ground. I lived for 5 years in villages familiarizing myself with the local people and trained them for skill development so that they can be self-sustainable”, said Indra Bhushan, Secretary and Founder of Shilp Sadhana.

Today the NGO has formed 32 Self Help Groups of grass root level with women artisans of Chikan craft in Lucknow District. And now the NGO has expanded its outreach to  even  support the tribal population of Tharu Tribal women in Behraich district of Uttar Pradesh.

The NGO organizes exhibitions and participates in craft bazaars, melas etc. to provide marketing support  to the products created by these women self-help groups. They have also launched several catalogues like ‘Andaz-e-Lakhnavi’ and ‘Nazrana-e-Lucknow’ to streamline the promotional activities for the women artisans. There are also many volunteers from prestigious institutes of India like NIFT, Symbiosis who train the member artisans of SHGs about the new design trends in the markets to impart them the knowledge of intricate chikankari work, hand block printing etc.

Shilp Sadhana wishes to promote livelihood, skill development and provide with marketing support and protection of intellectual property rights of the local artisans.

In the near future, the NGO aims to bring more crafts under geographical Indication and its proper implementation, provide local resource based livelihood support options to women in rural and tribal areas of India and advocate the issues related with women empowerment, rights of people etc.


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