Shirin Juwaley Breaking the stereotypes of Beauty after Acid Attack

Shirin Juwaley

It’s not necessary that after having the most beautiful relationship in the world i.e between husband and wife is often the blessed one. It’s not necessary that each and every marriage is successful and it’s not necessary that both the partners will feel comfortable living with another. If either of the one wants to get separated from the other it is the right of an individual and the other partner should acknowledge it. But what happens when due to estrangement in married life Shirin Juwaley decided to leave her husband is indeed horrific and disbands the institution of marriage.

Shirin had to bear the turbulent consequences of dismantling the male chauvinistic ego who after rejection had taken up to the most heinous crime of pouring acid attack on Shirin’s face thus making her an embodiment of disfigurement. In May 1998 while leaving with her parents after looking separation with her husband Shirin was climbing upstairs when suddenly someone came down the stairs all clad in black and within fractions of seconds threw acid on her face thus giving her a pain of lifetime. The man was her husband who after the incident flee to middle east and is still roaming in freedom getting himself married again.

acid attacks Shirin

Getting inspired by the Gulmohar tree outside the room of the hospital where Shirin was admitted, she believed that she have to live but sooner after coming out she had to face the reactions that had made her fall down.

“It was not nice for people to stare at you, absolutely strangers, constantly staring at you, staring at you and staring at you, reducing you to this exhibit feast, People came from far and wide to look how Shirin look now after the acid attack. People who didn’t really know me.”

For almost two years she had kept her aloof and isolated from the isolated world had to face so many problems. It seemed she has lost all her identity, children used to get scared from her, she had to face laughter and became a symbol of public mockery as she was no longer the pretty face and has become societal misfit.


After attending the Burn Conference in US she came back with a fighting spirits against all the stereotypes of beauty. She started Palash Foundation with an aim to make the disfigure people attain a respectable and reputable status at the global level. Today she is a successful lady helping women who are the victims of acid, giving lectures on the stereotypes of beauty.

She says “My story begins after the attack”. She compels people to think and contemplate on those victims who are leading a life in isolation and fear to step out. She is not only breaking bars but also coming out with a new identity and redefining beauty in her own beautiful manner.

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