She is working towards the cause of providing menstrual hygiene to the rural women in Gujarat


Swati Vakharia  is the brain child behind the very successfully – run women oriented platform ‘Women Planet Foundation’ – Charitable trust in Vadodara, Gujarat. Right from her childhood days, she was in opposition to the hypocrisy and duplicity of the Indian society towards women. In the year 2012 the gruesome case of Delhi Gang rape was the tipping point for her. That incident instigated within Swati an urge to try and bring a change in the dreadful situation of women in India. In few weeks with an intend to make a real difference, and keeping in mind the power of  digitization and its measurable effect, she came up with idea of an open online platform where she could bring like minded people together who can share their thoughts and educate women on various concerns.

Women Planet is a platform to get not only like-minded people but people from different walks of life to share their experiences. They work with an aim to Educate, Empower, and Entertain! They discuss issues, spread awareness, and work on campaigns like foeticide, personal sanitation for women in rural areas. The focus is not only on social issues that women in our society face but also to address the need and importance of well-being and sanitation of women in India. Swati is currently working on the Menstrual hygiene booklet that can be distributed free of cost in rural areas and the social campaigns that would encourage women education and provision of additional resources from awareness, to saliency, to action.


Talking about the challenges that Swati face to run the organization is the managing of funds. Though currently the team manages the funds through different other projects that Swati is engaged into related to media and advertising. Recently in their #LetsUnite campaign  the team were overwhelmed to get amazing response and support from people belonging  to different backgrounds.

“People were actually very open and ready to donate and to understand our activity and plans. They also shared their contact details and asked us to keep in touch to do some good work together in future as well. Their words made us feel great and increased our hope to bring the change in society. “ says Swati.

Currently the organization is doing  a lot of things like organising and executing events in association with local NGOs supporting women in rural areas. The immediate plan is also to deal with smaller but important issues like hygiene for girls in rural parts.

The future campaign of the organization involves distributing Hygiene Pocket Booklets to girls in rural area of Gujarat and it was kick started and launched at Inorbit Mall. The total amount raised to educate & support the needy women will be utilized to generate content, print and to transport the hygiene booklet to various rural places of the city and state. After the fund raising phase, a team of volunteers accompanied by Gynaecologists will personally visit the women in villages to distribute the hygiene copy in order to make the process of spreading awareness much simpler and beneficial.

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