This Grandson Took His Grandmother To Prom After Finding Out That She Was Dying Of Cancer

An American teen took his cancer-stricken grandmother to his high school prom after he found out that she had only months to live.

Julia Jarman was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her 17-year-old grandson, Stephen Vigil knew exactly what he had to do. So, he decided that the only person he would take to his prom at Stafford High School in Fredericksburg, Virginia, would be his grandmother.

Calling her his best friend, Stephen wanted to give his grandmom the best time. On the eve of her 92nd birthday, Julia picked out a blue dress to match his grandson’s suit.

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The school’s principal even gave Julia a silver tiara and a sash for her to wear while making an entrance into the room. The principal even waived off the usual rule that prevented students from bringing partners to prom who were 20 years older.

Stephen made the prom one of the best nights for his grandmother. And we are wholeheartedly touched.

Originally Published on India Times

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