10 Tips to survive a Cyclone Vardah


Here’s what people should do:

1. Remain indoors in a safe place till the wind dies down and the rain stops completely. Remember to get your pets indoors.

2. Have an emergency kit ready that includes aid supplies, torch, battery-operated portable radio, important documents and medicines.

3. Stock up on food, medicines and drinking water for 24 hours and use them judiciously. Overhead tanks, particularly in multistoried buildings, must be filled to capacity in case of unexpected power outage.

4. Charge all emergency lights and mobile phones. Stock up on candles and matches.

5. Avoid using two-wheelers and cars during the rain.

6. If the storm gets very bad, turn off all electricity, gas and water and unplug all appliances.

7. Flooding may occur after a cyclone. Use local alerts to get information and expert informed advice.

8. Stay away from damaged areas and properties.

9. Don’t use electrical appliances that have been wet.

10. Stay away from damaged power lines, fallen trees and flood waters.

Be safe, everyone.

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